Trading floor

The main task of the Trading Floor is to optimise the Group’s portfolio of energy products, ensuring that clients’ demands are met, whatever the circumstances. The trading floor also enables EFT to respond to the ever-changing state of the region’s transmission grid and production capacities. The Group manages its scheduling through a centralized Trading Floor located in the Belgrade office.

A dynamic, responsive structure

The organization of the trading floor is traditional.  The trading department deals with spot and longer term arrangements. The scheduling and portfolio Management department makes schedules, takes care about cross border capacities allocations and creates paths in order to optimise the whole portfolio, managing different energy sources, customers in different countries and cross border energy flows and costs. Finally, the settlements department is dealing with invoicing, preparing deal confirmations and statistics necessary for all local companies within the Group.

24/7 state-of-the-art trading 

On the Trading Floor, EFT runs an innovative 24-hour Scheduling Centre. This unique centre enables EFT to meet the needs of a huge array of clients at any time day or night, with intra-day trading.


The whole Trading Floor structure is supported by custom-designed trading software system named EPOX. This software enables EFT to adapt quickly to the changing demand of clients and the transmission system operators. It also enables EFT traders and schedulers to meet tomorrow’s challenges.