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Wednesday, November 5, 2014
Key Components for Thermal Power Plant Arrive in Stanari

Stanari, November 5, 2014 – All the parts crucial for the operation of the future Stanari Thermal Power Plan reached their destination in the Bosnian village of Stanari today. Their arrival marks a new stage in the construction and operation of the plant.

Among them, the stator and transformer excel in size and importance.

The stator, in addition to the rotor, is the most important part of the generator, where power is produced. The transformer works as a link between the plant and the network into which the electrical power, created in the generator, is transmitted.

The load left the Shanghai Port two and a half months, and travelled 16,000 km before reaching Stanari. The stator weighs 203,5 tons, and was shipped by road, while the transformer, weighing 210 tons, arrived by rail.

Due to the non-standard dimensions of these parts, special tankers, trucks and rail wagons were used to get them from the Romanian port of Constantia via the Port of Vukovar to the construction site in Stanari. This is the third oversized transport since the beginning of the construction of TPP Stanari, in May 2013.