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Wednesday, March 6, 2013
Record results achieved at the Stanari mine

The Stanari mine has achieved record production results in 2011. 1 087 000 tonnes of coal was excavated, setting a new historical record since excavation started at this location back in 1948. 1 057 000 tonnes of coal was sold on domestic and foreign markets.

“This results is testament to the hard work and efficiency of the Stanari miners. The funds we have invested in their development and education, as well as the modernization of all the production processes at the Stanari mine are now paying dividends”, said Ivica Jakovljevic, managing director of the EFT Stanari mine and thermal power-plant.     

Since EFT took over the Stanari mine in May 2005, over 60 million Euro’s has been invested in modernization and purchase of new machinery. All profits achieved by the mine are reinvested in its development. EFT’s goal is to achieve annual production of 2.5 million tonnes, required to supply the new 300 MW Stanari thermal power plant, as well as consumers on the domestic market.