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Thursday, January 26, 2012
Chevening – EFT scholarship awarded in Bosnia and Herzegovina

In 2012 the British Embassy in Sarajevo and EFT will be awarding a Chevening – EFT scholarship in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The expansion of the programme into Bosnia and Herzegovina follows the successful award of the scholarship in Serbia in 2010. 

British Embassy Sarajevo, British Council Bosnia and Herzegovina and the the Energy Financing Team (EFT) hosted a reception in Sarajevo on 26 January to launch the Chevening-EFT scholarship for 2012/2013. The Chevening – EFT scholarship is a joint project of the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and the EFT Group and has been administered in southeast Europe since 2010. 

At the reception, attended by numerous young and talented citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, former Chevening scholars, representatives of BiH and UK businesses, government officials and media, British Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina HE Nigel Casey and co-founder and Vice Chairman of EFT, James Nye signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the Chevening-EFT scholarship for 2012/2013.

‘We are delighted to be celebrating this evening the agreement with EFT to sponsor an additional Chevening scholarship from this year onwards. EFT is one of the leading British-based investors in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are delighted with the commitment they shown through supporting the education of some of the brightest and best in this country. The Chevening scheme has been running in Bosnia and Herzegovina since 1996 and we have already sponsored 130 students to study in the United Kingdom. Many of them have now returned to important positions in the public life of Bosnia and Herzegovina and are making a significant contribution to this country’s development. We are very pleased that EFT has become our partner’ said Ambassador Nigel Casey.

‘In Bosnia and Herzegovina, EFT is the leading foreign investor in the electricity market. Our support to the Chevening programme is a continuation of our long-term dedication to support projects essential for the progress of our society – education, culture and healthcare. Through its work at the Stanari lignite mine near Doboj and its extensive commitment to helping education in Bosnia and Herzegovina, EFT has over the years proven its credentials as a socially responsible company in the truest sense of the word. EFT’s strategic goal is to become the first modern, private owned power utility in the region. In order to modernise the energy sector it is necessary to modernise the whole of society. And vice-versa. Our strategic business goals and the goals of BiH society are therefore closely connected,’ said James Nye.

Larisa Halilovic of the British Council in Bosnia and Herzegovina emphasised the importance of the Chevening scholarship scheme. ‘Being able to provide the opportunity for talented young people to make the next step towards their immediate professional goal by studying in the UK is hugely rewarding and helps bring a better future for Bosnia and Herzegovina. Over the past fifteen years, the British Council has seen over 130 scholars complete this programme. We take great pride in the role the Chevening Alumni network is playing in our society”.