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Monday, August 29, 2011
EFT donates funds to the National Library of Serbia

The EFT Group has donated EUR 250 000 to the National Library of Serbia, enabling the completion of the long running refurbishment of Serbia’s oldest and most important cultural institution. 

The funds have been used for the procurement of the entire IT infrastructure used at the Library – servers, clients, laptop computers, software, printers and other multimedia equipment. Virtual desktop infrastructure has also been installed at the Library, enabling for efficient and economic use of a modern IT system. 

EFT’s funds have been used to equip the central, electronic, multimedia and scientific reading rooms, reference and periodicals reading rooms, as well as the reading room for the blind. As a result, for the first time in Serbia, those with impaired vision will have access to all the current publications in electronic form. 

“Thanks to this equipment, the new, modernized National Library of Serbia will be able to serve 1000 physical users daily and 20 000 users who access its records on-line. In total, the Library will be able to serve 8 million users annually”, said Sreten Ugricic, director of the National Library of Serbia. 

EFT’s vice-chairman, Svetislav Bulatovic explained the reasons for the Group’s support of the project. “Our strategic goal is to make EFT the first modern, privately owned power utility in the region. We feel that only if society is modernised as a whole will the energy sector be modernised as well. The two processes go hand in hand”, said Svetislav Bulatovic. 

Following a four year period, the National Library of Serbia will reopen its doors to visitors on September 12th, 2011. To learn more about the National Library of Serbia please visit