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Tuesday, December 1, 2009
EFT Romania to supply Holcim’s energy in 2010

The Romanian subsidiary of the regional energy trader, the EFT Group will supply energy to Holcim Srl, the cement and concrete producer in 2010. EFT Romania Srl. has announced the contract to supply 300 000 MWh of energy to Holcim’s plants in Cimpulung, Alesd and Turde following its successful bid in Holcim’s first annual energy procurement tender. 

“We are delighted to be in the position to supply energy to such a reputable client as Holcim. This is our first major contract on Romania’s internal market. The ability to offer the most competitive bid in the tender is a result of hard work and excellent market analysis by our team in Romania. We will continue in line with our plans and hope to expand our Romanian client base in the coming months”, said EFT’s marketing director, David Surtees. 

According to Holcim, the criteria in the final selection process focused on the supplier experience and credit worthiness, as well as the offered price of electricity, the flexibility in accepting deviations between real and estimated consumption and other economic factors. 

The EFT Group is the leading energy supplier in central and south-east Europe. The company supplies energy in 19 countries, to over 200 clients. These include power utilities, system operators and industrial clients in the metals, automotive, chemicals and construction industries.