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Wednesday, June 3, 2009
EFT Group the leading concessionaire in Republika Srpska

The EFT Group is the leading concessionaire in Republike Srpska in 2008, the Republika Srpska Concessionary Comission concluded in its Annual Financial Report adopted by the Parliament yesterday. 

Presenting the report to the parliament, the Comission president Predrag Aškrabić said that KM 10 400 000 million was paid into the Republika Srpska budget on account of concession fees, most of which came from EFT. The payments were related to the concession for the building and use of the Stanari thermal power - plant. 

Apart from EFT, the other leading concessionares were the Austrian construction company „Strabag“, which is building a new motorway network in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the Norwegian mini hydro power plant operator „Technoenergy“.