EFT News

Monday, January 5, 2009
Record results for the Stanari mine in 2008

The Stanari mine has achieved record results in coal excavation during 2008. “In the last year we have managed to excavate 629 000 tones of lignite, and thereby surpassed the record of 600 000 tones from 1990” said Zlatan Matko, EFT’s director of investment. 

Apart from record coal excavation, 3 300 000 cubic meters of overburden have been excavated in Stanari in the last year. The first phase of the development of the Stanari energy complex has successfully been completed. 

“We have refurbished and revitalized the existing technology at the mine and have bought modern new machinery and computer equipment, which has enabled us to achieve record results in coal excavation. Apart form that we have concluded all preparatory works related to the Stanari power plant project. All the necessary permits for the project have been issued, including the environmental and building permit. Eleven reputable consultants from six different countries have been engaged in the project so far in the domains of technical, ecological, financial and legal issues”, added Matko. 

The new management building has been built in planned time frame-work, while a series of improvements in environmental protection have also been made. These include forestation programs as well as installation of new water separators and collection units. For the third year in row the mine has successfully defended its ISO certification for environmental protection, employee protection and quality of products and services.