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Wednesday, September 3, 2008
EFT donates a library to the Stanari primary school

A new library donated by the EFT Group to the “Desanka Maksimovic” primary school in Stanari was opened today, signaling the beginning of a nationwide campaign “Switch off your TV, read a book”. 

“Research has shown that an average citizen in Bosnia and Herzegovina on average spends up to six hours per day in front of a television set. While one can receive plenty of information by watching television, a part of these six hours daily could be put to better use by reading. By building this library with an eclectic collection of titles we hope to animate both schoolchildren and other citizens of Stanari and the surrounding areas to read more. I sincerely hope that they will come to see these books not only as a way to enhance their education, but also a source of great fun” said Stevan Loncar, EFT Stanari mine general director. 

The library is the latest EFT donation to the primary school in Stanari, which has so far been endowed with brand new IT, language and technical centres, as well as a brand new basketball court and equipment. The library now numbers over 2000 titles, while the Group also donated funds for the refurbishment of the library space and an archiving system.