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Sunday, November 25, 2007
EFT provides more than half of Greek electricity imports

The EFT Group has provided more than half of electricity imports to Greece in 2007, Athanasios Karachalios, director of EFT’s Greek subsidiary said in an interview for the Energyobserver ( internet portal.    

“In 2007 EFT delivered over 2 million MWh of energy to Greece, thus accounting for 51% of all electricity imports into the country”, Karachalios said, adding that “the energy deficit of Greece increases every year and is most serious during the summer, at the peak of the tourist season”. 

Karachalios also said that the construction of new energy generating facilities is one of the most important issues for the region and warned that due to the sluggish realisation of primary projects in some countries electricity restrictions cannot be ruled out ion the coming period.   

“The time of coal is not behind us. Along with renewable sources Greece is basing its energy future on coal”; Karachalios said.  He also pointed to the Stanari TPP as an example of new energy facilities in the region. “The TPP we are constructing in Stanari will be the first in this region to operate in compliance with the EU directives on environmental protection”, Karachalios said, and added that the total value of this investment will exceed EUR 600 million.