EFT Investments

PV Plant Bileća

The solar plant Bileća project encompasses the construction of 60 MWp photovoltaic power plant. The project development is based on concession awarded to EFT SE Bileća d.o.o. by the Government of Republika Srpska.

The concession period is 50 years and includes 3 year development and construction period and 47 years operation period.

Development and construction period covers preparation of technical documentation, acquiring of necessary permits, construction, equipment installation, testing and trial run before commercial operation of the plant.

Total project investment amounts to EUR 43.5 million.

Commencement of commercial operation is expected in 2023.

The main technical characteristics of PV Plant Bileća are the following:

  • Photovoltaic power plant with fixed solar panels, mono-SI modules and central inverters
  • Installed (‘Peak’) power: 60 MW
  • Estimated energy production in the first year of operation (P75 probability): 83.3 GWh
  • Estimated annual energy degradation: 0.5%.
  • Connection to the BIH power transmission system via app. 3 km long 110 kV overhead line