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The links listed below are industry related websites and useful sources of information regarding energy trading within Europe. Please feel free to email us with any comments or suggestions.

EFET: the European Federation of Energy Traders

An organization of more than 70 energy trading companies (including EFT) from 18 European countries dedicated to improve and promote energy trading throughout Europe; and provide an exchange for non-commercially sensitive information between organizations and members of the developing pan-European energy industry.

EEX: European Energy Exchange Germany

The leading energy exchange in Europe, based in Leipzig.  Increasingly the south-east European market uses EEX pricing as a benchmark.  EFT is a member of the exchange.

EXAA: Energy Exchange Austria

With its fully electronic trading platform, the Austrian Energy Exchange assures easy access for all market players. Small electricity utilities, as well as big electricity traders and industrial consumers can enjoy the advantages of trading on the exchange via the Internet. EFT is a member of the exchange.

BSP SouthPool: BSP Regional Energy Exchange LL C

BSP is SEE-based energy exchange, which is established in Slovenia in 2008 by the companies Borzen d.o.o., the Slovenian electricity market operator (34%) and Eurex Frankfurt AG, the European derivatives exchange (66%), and operates in the market under the BSP SouthPool trademark. It provides complete and high-quality liquid, competitive, and transparent services of organised electricity market for market participants. BSP also provides clearing and financial settlement of concluded transactions. EFT is a member of the exchange.

ENTSO-E – european network of transmission system operators for electricity

“ENTSO-E is continuing the long histories of successful TSO coordination work by its 6 predecessor associations. The different committees, working groups, task forces have transferred their work into the new ENTSO-E structure where the well established work will continue, but will also be enhanced through the new pan-European perspective of ENTSO-E.”