About EFT



Zoran Ivković

Group Vice Chairman

Zoran Ivkovic is one of EFT Group principle shareholders and acts as the Group Vice-Chairman. He is responsible for overseeing Group activities with special focus on investment portfolio. Zoran manages EFT’s investments on a day to day basis, as well as analysis and evaluation of new investment opportunities. His responsibilities also include maintaining relations with Group’s largest clients and managing of contact with various government bodies. Zoran is an active member of the Group risk committee and the shareholder’s committee.

Prior to joining EFT, Zoran was director of the Russian operation of GML International Limited, where he was involved in originating and structuring transactions in Russia. He specialised in financial engineering in areas of trade finance, debt collection and use of distressed sovereign debt instruments as payment mechanisms, particularly in eastern and central Europe. He also had strong involvement in countertrade.

Zoran studied Economics and was awarded a BSC degree at the University of Belgrade in 1986.