About EFT

Product and services

As competition increases and markets evolve, EFT is developing and broadening its portfolio of products and services. Through constant innovation the Group is meeting the growth in demand from both customers and counterparts, and offering more choice.

EFT is now well positioned to offer much of Europe standard base and peak. In many countries EFT can also offer weekly base or peak, workday base, peak or off-peak, weekend energy, scheduled and full delivery. EFT is now able to offer a growing number of very interesting products in addition to standard calls and puts. Below is a brief overview of the more popular products successfully marketed over the last year.

Extendable delivery purchase and sales contracts

These contracts typically have an above or below market unit price but with an imbedded option permitting the holder the right but not the obligation to extend the contract term quantity and price for a pre agreed period of time.

Physical location and time swaps

These Swaps aim to circumvent congested borders by swapping like for like quantities of Physical energy in different countries at some fixed or floating formula agreed by the parties.

Fixed for floating with or without Cap or a Floor

These structures permit the customer to conclude a contract now at a price slightly away from the real market price in return for securing the ability to earn a better price in the future.

To earn this price improvement the contract specifies that on the day the contract is signed an observation is made of the prevailing price in Germany. This first observation date is then compared to a second observation date, which must be before the commencement of the deliveries. The difference between the two observation dates is measured and then applied to the original agreed contract price.

If the customer wants protection against an adverse change between the two observation dates, EFT is able to provide a Cap or floor subject to including a co-efficient that limits any positive benefit in the event of a favourable move between the two observation periods i.e. EUR 1 real move might only alter the unit price by EUR 0.50.

Reserve energy services 

The size and flexibility of EFT's portfolio, paired with a greater access to cross border rights, has enabled the Group to successfully market reserve energy services to several transmission system operators. Unlike a stand-alone power plant, EFT can optimise its portfolio to provide the most efficient and competitively priced reserve energy services.