About EFT


Energy in developing Europe

A short film about the EFT Group charting the development of the company, its area of operation, organisation, investment projects and the prospects for the development of a regional energy market in south-east Europe.

Vuk Hamovic interview for ORF documentary series "Return to Europe"

EFT Group Chairman talks about Bosnia and Herzegovina, the region, investment opportunities and future prospects.

Return to Europe

The trailer for the highly anticipated ORF ten-part documentary series "Return to Europe". One of the most ambitious TV projects on South - Eastern Europe produced in recent years, "Return to Europe" seeks to provide a powerful new perspective on the present and possible future of the region. For more information on the series, please visit www.returntoeurope.org

Struja Stanuje u Stanarima

A short topical film about the development of the Stanari power-plant project

Da li treba da se plašimo mraka

A documentary about Serbia's energy sector. The film analyses the underlying problems in ensuring stable power supply in Serbia and looks at ways the country's energy sector could develop in the future.