About EFT

Business Ethics

EFT is committed to operating to the highest ethical standards.

EFT has a zero-tolerance policy towards unethical business conduct. It is a member of the Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI), organised by the Word Economic Forum, and abides by its rigorous anti-corruption principles designed to raise corporate standards and contribute to the goals of good governance. EFT has stringent procedures in place to prevent corruption, bribery and money laundering including risk assessment and detailed due diligence on new and existing counterparties. The senior officers at EFT have made a firm commitment to conduct business to the highest ethical standards. EFT also has a whistle blower hotline available for all employees to report any concerns. EFT continually monitors and reviews the risks of corruption and bribery. It has a rolling programme of business ethics training and has produced a detailed Business Ethics manual which all employees are contractually required to read.