EFT Investments

TPP Stanari

In the vicinity of the Stanari mine EFT has built the 300 MW state-of-the-art Stanari thermal power plant (TPP). Following the successful negotiations with the Dongfang Electric Corporation Ltd, the feasibility study for the Stanari TPP has been revised by Collenco Stenmuller to set the following key parameters:

• The generation unit has an installed capacity of 300 MW
• Net Power Capacity 265 MW
• Power Plant Availability 90%
• Expected power plant production 2,000,000 MWh (at base load operation)
• Complete flue gas treatment, including desulphurisation and dust removal
• Indirect dry cooling system with dry natural draft cooling tower
• Ash and residue disposal within the excavated areas of the Stanari mine
• Project Time-Schedule 46 months

The grid connection for the TPP Stanari to the power transmission network is at the 400 kV level, with a direct connection to the Banja Luka – Tuzla transmission line. TPP Stanari fully complies with the Republika Srpska emissions regulations and is the first power generation unit in Bosnia and Herzegovina to fully abide with the EU Large Combustion Plant Directive (2001/80/EC). The plant has set new standards in south-east Europe not only for energy efficiency, but also for minimizing any harmful impact on the environment.

To learn more about the Stanari thermal power plant, please visit www.eft-stanari.net