EFT Investments

HPP Ulog

The Ulog hydro-electric power plant is located in the municipality of Kalinovik in Republika Srpska,  Bosnia and Herzegovina. In November 2009 the Government of Republika Srpska awarded the concession to EFT to build and operate the Ulog HPP for the period of 30 years, including two years of preparatory works. The project is expected to be realised in the period 2009 – 2016.

Ulog HPP – Technical characteristics

Dam height [m]


Head raise tunnel - length/diameter [m]

2 500/3,8

Normal water level [mnm]


Penstock- length/diameter[m]


Installed discharge[m3/s]


Net head[m]


Installed capacity [MW]

34.7 + 0,25

Average yearly production[GWh]


Number and type of turbines

2+1 -  Francis

Total reserve volume[106 m3]


Some of the project activities that have so far been completed:

• Collection of data for the preparation of full feasibility study for the Ulog HPP
• Analysis of grid connection for the Ulog HPP
• A new spatial and regulatory plan for the Kalinovik municipality
• Preliminary environmental impact assessment study
• Analysis of water quality in the river Neretva
• Analysis of the current air and noise pollution levels
• Analysis of the impact the construction of the Ulog HPP will have on the environment, in line with the EU directive – EUROPEAID/119165/C/SV/BA

To view the environmental impact assessment Study for the Ulog HPP project, please click here